Our experienced detail department will keep your vehicle in top condition.

We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service in a timely manner.

Our detailing technology and cleaning systems are the most advanced, safe and efficient on the market today, providing always the maximum results at an affordable Price.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Paint Protection Film

For the ultimate car lover that wants the ultimate protection we offer paint protection films(AKA Clearbra) to protect the vehicles finish from rock chips and whatever else the road might bring. The film has uv inhibitors which help the paint of vehicle to age equally to that of the paint not protected by the PPF. We aim to make an install as seamless as possible to make film the least visible possible. Also light scratches and light swirls on the PPF are a thing of the past because the film contains self-healing properties when exposed to heat.

PPF Packages

  • Front Bumper and Mirrors
  • Front Bumper, full fenders
  • Full hood and mirrors
  • Full Vehicle

The fender, hood, bumper, and headlight are covered in Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film with minimal to no visibility to the eye.

Ceramic Coatings

A nano ceramic coating is the best protection on the market today. The advanced technology in a ceramic coating will allow it to bond to a surface semi permanently, which means it protects your vehicle for years to come. The properties of the coating also give it a self cleaning and hydrophobic effect making it want to repel anything that comes in contact with it, which in return means a better protected vehicle and easier maintenance. The coating will keep your vehicle looking newer and glossier than a wax ever could. The coatings lifespan when properly washed and maintained varies from coating to coating but it is as little as two years or as many as nine. Depending on the level of protection wanted.

Paint Correction

A paint correction refers to compounding and polishing a vehicles paint near perfection. This means countless hours are spent on polishing the paint in order to bring it to the highest quality that can be achieved by removing as many defects and blemishes that can be removed in a safe manner to restore the paintwork in most cases to a better than new state. Sometimes wet sanding is required. There are cases where some scratches will not polish out. In these cases the technician polishing your vehicle will make note of this as removing that imperfection or blemish would not be safe to the paint around it. Not all vehicles are suitable for a paint correction as they might not have enough paint and or if the owner is not going to be able to ensure that the vehicle receives the highest quality of proper maintenance in order to prolong the life of the vehicles paint work. After a paint correction the paint will look glossier and richer than ever before due to their not being blemishes to reflect the light in different directions.


Using proper techniques on paint corrections to ensure vehicles have the best finish possible.

Exterior auto detail services

  • Hand wash, clay and wax
  • Hand wash,clay,polish and wax
  • Paint sealant
  • Head light restoration
  • Overs pray removal
  • Hand or machine wax
  • Remodel
  • Engine steam clean
  • Monthly mini detail service

Interior auto detail service

  • Shampoo complete interior fabrics
  • Vinyl cleaned and dress
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Floor mats shampooed
  • Dog hair removal
  • Heating and cooling deodorizing system

Window Tinting

  • We are an authorized Dealer of Suntek Window
    films.We offer from the most basic tint to Ceramic
    tint which is not only aesthetically pleasing but
    protects your interior from harmful UV Rays and Heat.

(Prices base on size and condition of vehicles)